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Christmas gifts can be hard to choose. Finding the perfect present takes time and careful consideration but sometimes you just need a little help to get inspired and to please the person who have a special place in your heart.

Here at GlideSoul we know exactly what the GlideSoul Girls need and like so here is a little bit of inspiration.

  1. Springsuit

 You can't go wrong with a spring suit...why? Because the active girls travel and they always end up in water in a warm place for some surf, wake or kite sessions.

  1. Impact vest

 An impact vest is always a good option. We always think about changing bikini when we go surfing or kiteboarding so why don't we change our impact vest when we go for a wakeboard sesh?!

  1. One Piece Swimsuit

 One piece swimsuit is the new fashion and every single women like them... it fits all of us, all body shapes and all style.

A big YES for the one piece please!


  1. A Rash Vest

 Whatever you do, wherever you go, you always need a rash vest.

A rash vest is one of the most useful piece of clothes you can take with you when you travel to warm places. A rash vest will protect you from sun, rash, friction and will give you a little plus in your style when you go on the water.

  1. A High Neck Crop Top

 A high neck crop top can be use for the gym, for the water, for yoga of even for going out sometimes. Just choose the style you like.