Benefits of Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing in Malaysia

Rykiel Cherie - 16th November 2016

Wakesurfing is a great cardiovascular exercise. While surfing you are using mostly upper body muscle and leg muscle to guide the board when you're riding. This activity helps you increase muscle tone, endurance, energy, improves flexibility. 

It's also great for your mood, and your mind! Sports should be fun, not boring, that is why I like to spent at lease two days a week on the water! There is no better way to relax body and soul than to go wakesurf. 

Have you ever experienced a surge of confidence from a new outfit? The proper attire can also helps you be more active. I always fall in love with a good quality, stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced and attractive surf suits / waterwear for my surf and finally I found GlideSoul for girls! Thank you GlideSoul for helping me stay in style and comfort when I'm in water. 

Currently in my home country Malaysia we don't have any wakesurf communities or wakesurf competitions. I wish I could be a part of it, but sadly there are none at the moment. I always ride by my own. Waterski & Wakeboard Putrajaya, Malaysia is one of my favorite place to wakesurf. Wakesurf is about having fun and be around people you enjoy, you will get the most out of your time on the water! My Coach Al Fisal is very positive, outgoing and energetic person, he always help me gain a better understanding of each move works, fundamentals of my riding, so that I can move on to harder tricks. The lake is large enough, so we can run any direction on the lake which is helps with the learning process. And the weather is phenomenal year-round! 

Beside wakesurfing there is another watersport, which is popular in my country, it is Flyboard! It's only available in Maritime Putrajaya, Malaysia. 

Text and photos by Rykiel Cherie 

Rykiel Cherie in her blue tie-dye swim suit wakesurfs in malaysia
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