Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide

For Surfer Girl

from Irina Kosobukina


This is by far my favorite bikini! It sticks to the body so well, that I can forget about putting parts of my bikini back to its place after wipeout. And of cause the material looks super sexy. 
When the water gets a bit chilly or if there is light wind, I wear long sleeve 0,5 mm wetsuit. 
It sits weary well and neoprene is super soft, so it doesn’t feel like wetsuit and doesn’t limit your movements. 
For warm water I like my bright bikini. I love the shape of the top. It’s just perfect for surfing. Doesn’t move anywhere. And the color is one of my favorite :)
surfer girl gift guide from glidesoul

For Kite Girl

from Sofi Chevalier

1. The Corset Spring Suit is definitely my favorite item of the GlideSoul collection as it is perfect for riding.
The neoprene is so comfortable and it is perfect to avoid any friction with the harness.
I love the fact that it has long sleeves as it is always for me the best way to stay warm during my sunset sessions.
The flashy peach is super cool and it is just the style I love the most.
A big YES for this little piece of art!
2. The Tie Dye Spring Suit is also a must have when you are ready for some freestyle action as it stays perfectly in place and you don’t have to worry about loosing anything when you crash hard on the water. The shape is really cute and not to cheeky which makes you feel pretty without showing too much of your body. I love it.
3. Every single time I wear GlideSoul One Shoulder One Piece I always have girls coming to me asking where I found it… the orange color makes it stand out and the one shoulder look is so stylish.
Contrary to what people think, this suit stays in place when I ride and the neoprene makes it very confortable to wear with a harness.
gift guide for kite girl


from Ranja Schlotte

gift guide for a kiteboard girl

1. 0.5mm GlideSoul Corset Spring Suit

It is my favorite choice for wavekiting on Mauritius. It protects my skin from cuts while getting washed over the reef :-D and feels not too hot under the sun due to its small thickness. Furthermore my shoulders don’t get burned while being out there for several hours.

2. I love to wear the 2mm GlideSoul Spring Suit  in the warm summer months for freestyle and wakestyle sessions. The short legs are contribute on a crash because they avoid that the bottom part moves upwards. But it still looks nice compared to the commonly shortys for women with legs until knee hight.

3. 3mm GlideSoul Full Wetsuit 

It is my perfect choice for the summer season at the north sea back in Germany. The flexibility is way higher compared to thick wetsuits but it still isolates the cold water. Furthermore I love the colours because they are matching perfectly to my kite.  

Kitegirl gift guide from Ranja



For Windsurf Girl

from Miriam Rassmusen

Miriam Rassmusen

1. As I live in Norway, my absolute Glidesoul favourite is the Vibrant Stripes 3mm wetsuit. This is the first wetsuit I have ever tried that makes my body look better IN a wetsuit than without it! I like it so much that I bought both the orange and the blue one!

2. I also love my Corset Spring Suit - the long arms give a little extra warmth on the not-so-hot days, and I dont have to worry about covering my arms and upper body with sunscreen during the long summer sessions. Its quite sexy-looking in a very decent manner too!

3. For the super-hot days, I love my super hot High-Neck One Piece Swimsuit. Its great for both swimming and windsurfing.

windsurf girl gift guide from glidesoul


For Waterski Girl

from Whitney McClintock

gift guide from Whitney Macclintock

My GlideSoul must haves: 

Every waterski girl needs these four pieces to have a super versatile wardrobe for almost any weather. In the coolest months wear the spring suit under the leggings for upper and lower body warmth (without losing mobility); in transition wear just the leggings or just the spring suit; and in summer simply wear a bikini under the vest! Have fun & look great with my 4 must haves from the GlideSoul line!!
Live your Dreams! 
Whitney is 5”8 inches 140 lbs
wearing size: Leggings- S, Vest- S, Springsuit- M 
gift guide for waterski girl from Whitney macclintock



For Wakesurf Girl

from Gabrielle Hockley

Gabrielle Hockley

My favorite Glidesoul pieces are:

1. Vibrant Stripes Collection 3mm Full Wetsuite with Chest Zip

It is so warm and I feel like a super hero in it!

2. Vibrant Stripes Collection 0.5mm Spring Suit with front zipper

It is super figure flattering!

3. Vibrant Stripes Collection Reversible Impact Vest

It is reversible which gives you two looks in one life vest!


wakesurf girl gift guide from glidesoul


For Jetsurf Girl

from Martina Lukscheider

Martina Lukscheider jetsurf

Not all of us live in Carribian (unfortunately), but who really loves jetsurf, doesn't want to stop with the end of summer! So my first choice is high quality wetsuit, that can prolong your jetsurf practice till late autumn! My choice is vibrant stripe collections in orange or blue because of its dynamic sporty look.
I just love spring suits, cause they make ladies look so sporty and chic at the same time!!! This black pearl collection in whole is pretty sexy - it's time to SHOW OFF!!! ;-)
Safety on the first place - jetsurf riders need to wear vests every time on the water! But it can be stylish, fitted and especially REVERSIBLE vest, that can give you feeling of safety, feminity and change at once!!! Choose black to colorful lycras, wetsuits or some of the other neon colors!
One piece swimsuit gives me the comfort of free movement without checking if all parts are on the place where they should be ;-) The design is very simple and the only effect is the one shoulder strap. Beauty is in the simplicity.
jetsurf gift guide from glidesoul

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