Surfing destinations around the world. Asia.

Irina Kosobukina in Mentawai, photo Serge Shakuto

Laura Ramage - 23 May 2017


Asia is increasingly becoming a popular surf destination. From well-known surf breaks in Indonesia to unexplored coastlines in China, there are endless opportunities. It’s the perfect surf destination if you are craving exotic on the more affordable end of the spectrum. Once you have had your daily fill of surf and noodles you can be immersed by the culture and explore beautiful temples or tranquil rainforests.


Where To Go

Bali, Canguu – Canguu was the first reef break I surfed. Waves can get big there, however on smaller days it’s nice and mellow and a perfect place to build-up your confidence. This reef break offers both a left and right wave and it’s only a short paddle out from the beach.

Grupuk, Lombok - Do you like the sound of jumping off a boat into the surf? If so Grupuk is a really fun place to surf. It’s a large bay in the South of Lombok with a left and right reef break. When you arrive at the break you can sit on the boat to watch a few sets. Then when you have the confidence you can jump in and paddle a short distance to the peak. I recommend getting in there for a dawny.

How to get there

Once you have arrived at your destination in Asia, you will need to carefully plan onward travel. Some surf breaks are more difficult to get to, so you may need to hire a car or motorbike. For Grupuk you will need to hire a boat with a driver to access the waves.

Time of year to visit

April to October

What to wear

The good news is you won’t need to lug around a wetsuit if you head to Asia. You can probably get away with just surfing in a bikini the whole time. However it’s probably a good idea to pack something that will keep you safe from the sun.  See GlideSoul’s full range of waterwear here.



Samia in Mentawai, wearing GlideSoul one-piece swimsuit Bali, Keramas Samia in Lombok wearing GlideSoul 1mm spring suit with leopard print GlideSoul Girls in Lembongan, Indonesia
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