Egypt is a perfect place for watersports

windsurfing in egypt

Vika Soloveikina - 15th December 2016

For many many years I choose to spend my Spring and Autumn in Egypt, for training and enjoying all around watersports possible in the most beautiful sea –

Red sea. If you like or want to learn wind watersports such as kiteboarding and windsurfing you would hardly find a better place. With such steady wind, warm

and flat turquoise water. In case if there is no wind there is a new Rixen cable park in El Gouna, where you can hang out and go for a sweet wakeboard session. High towers will allow easily do flat tricks, and sliders set up will be a great playground. Not to mention how popular is diving in Egypt, incredible underwater world will amaze you. It was hard to believe that all that is real creatures right in front of me and not a 3D movie.


kiteboarding in Egypt

Victoria is wearing 0.5 mm GlideSoul Spring Suit

Victoria is wearing GlideSoul Impact Vest and 1mm neoprene leggings.

Victoria is wearing GlideSoul 2mm spring suit.

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