Five easy SUP Yoga poses for beginners from India Pearson

sup yoga in glidesoul neoprene swimwear

India Pearson – 10th October

My name is India and I have had the pleasure of teaching SUP Yoga this summer for GlideSoul at events in the UK including the UK Cable Wake Event ‘Plastic Playground’ at Liquid Leisure Aqua Park and the GlideSoul Day at JBSki Wake Park.

Stand Up Puddle (SUP) Yoga is a relatively new activity in the UK, so for many ladies I taught this summer it was their first time.  Many beginners have a mixture of excitement and anticipation before practicing SUP Yoga for the first time with the most poplar question being ‘will I get wet!?’ The answer to that is ‘If you fall in … then yes!’ However in my experience most people stay dry throughout the whole class until they lie down on the boards, close their eyes and dip their fingers in the water during a relaxing Savasana at the end of the session. At GlideSoul we use Red Paddle Co Boards, which are perfectly sturdy, and buoyant to practice yoga on with confidence and help to avoid falling in! I always teach in the GlideSoul's Leggings and Jacket set as they are made with neoprene making them quick to dry just in case I do get splashed! GlideSoul Women's Waterwear is very soft and stretchy which makes it very comfortable for yoga. There are a lot of happy colours and paterns, like leopard or tie-dye, to choose from. Neoprene aslo provides very good sun protection. 

I believe SUP Yoga is for everyone from beginners who have never tried yoga before, to more advanced yogis who fancy a challenge off the mat onto water! It’s a great workout for your core and is the perfect way to clear your mind from everyday chaos.

Here are my top 5 SUPYoga poses for beginners …


Downward Facing Dog

Take your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. This is a wider position than you would take on the mat to ensure a sturdier shape. Press your heels down into the board and send your tailbone high. Think about rotating your inner thighs back and pressing your thumb and index finger down into the board to help your balance. 

SUP Yoga Downward Facing Dog - India Pearson for GlideSoul

Bridge Pose

Lie down with your head towards the nose of the board and your feet grounded down with your knees high to the sky. Feet should be hip distance apart. Slowly lift your hips up whilst squeezing your glutes. Walk your shoulders in towards each other and clasp your hands together underneath you. 

SUp Yoga Bridge pose - India Pearson for GlideSoul

Camel Pose 

Come onto your knees at hip distance apart. Take your hands to your hips and shoot your elbows back. Press your hips forward and gently lean back. To increase the stretch take one hand to your heal and lift the opposite hand over your head – repeat on the other side.

SUP Yoga Camel Pose- India Pearson for Glidesoul

Childs Pose

Kneeling in the centre of the board, take your knees hip distance apart and sit back in your hips walking your hands out in front of you. This is a great pose to take for rest bite in between more intense stretches.

 SUP Yoga Childs Pose - India Pearson for GlideSoul

Upward Facing Dog

Stretching your legs out behind you, press your hands down into the board and lift the chest broadening through the collarbone, slide the shoulders down the back and engage the glutes. Ensure your thighs and knees are off the board. 

Upward Facing Dog SUP Yoga - India Pearson for GlideSoul

Text and photos by India Pearson


India is wearing GlideSoul 0.5 mm neoprene one-piece swimsuit



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