GlideSoul Girl of October

Renata surfing Brasil

- 21st November 2016

We want to learn more about our GlideSoul Girls! Every month we are going to pick one girl and ask her to tell more about her sport and her life.

The girl of October is Renata from Brazil.


What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Renata and I was born in South of Brazil, but now I live in Rio de Janeiro. 

What is your favorite water sport and your local spot/place you are riding?

My favorite sport is surf and as I live in Rio, I usually surf around here, like Barra da Tijuca, Ipanema Beach and Reserva Beach. 

Is it big girls community of water lovers?

There is a huge numbers of girls surfing around here, its like every time that you paddle out you will find another girl around scoring some waves. Its awesome.

When and how did you become GlideSoul Ambassador?

I became a GlideSoul Ambassador couple months ago. I have been following the Instagram page for a while and always thought how cool it would be to be part of the team, so I decided to send some pictures of me surfing and after a few emails I became a GlideSoul Girl.

Any competition you take part and your achievements?

The surf competitions here in Brazil for girls has been kind of slow lately. I used to compete when I was younger but now I prefer to be a free surfer and surf just for fun. 

Other sports you are involved?

I love to be in the water, so I also like to surf with long boards and paddle on my SUP board. Also I love wakesurf, as I am from the south and there is no beach around I used to wakesurf a lot over there. 

What is your job, what do you do for living?

I am an illustration and surface designer. Also I almost finishing my yoga teacher training to be a yoga teacher. 

You have such a beautiful pictures! Who takes pictures of you in the water?

I have a few friends, who are photographers. Usually Ana Catarina (@anacatarinaphoto) does it.

What do you recommend other girls, who would like to try themselves in water sport?

Go ahead, it’s just the best feeling ever to be in the water and to feel that you are part of the nature. And also never give up.

What would you tell the girls who want to be GlideSoul Ambassadors?

If you want your surfing and style to talk for themselves you better be a GlideSoul ambassador. 

Why do you love GlideSoul wetsuits/ waterwear?

I love the colors and the shapes. I think its perfect for surfing and so different then the other brands. Its unique. 

What does it mean for you to be GlideSoul Ambassador?

To be part of a team with some amazing people who enjoy life, be close to the nature and love adventures. Glide Soul Girls are rad and I'm really happy to be one of them. 


Summer is coming to Rio de Janeiro and with it the cold east currents so I will be surfing with my GlideSoul spring suit and making some good shots. 


Images by Blanco and Mindium.

Please follow Renata on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renatafdiehl/

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