Why surfer moms are the best!


In honor of Mother’s Day we sum up why surfer moms rule!

- They are always outside, screen time and boredom are not the options.

- They have better things to do on the beach, than laying down.

- Their kids learn geography from traveling and not from textbooks. 

- They don't have a problem getting back to their prepregnancy weight.

- Their kids are the healthiest and the happiest, since it is proven effect of sea, salt air and sun.

- They have the coolest friends.

- They don't suffer from depression, since they watch the ocean almost every day.

- Their whole wardrobe fits in just one suitcase (mostly bikinis).

- They are juggling the sport and their children with inspiring style!

Andrea Stacia Anastasia Alena Anne-Marie Vera Masha Angela Nathaly
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