GlideSoul takes on Weeki Wachee

Erin Heyman at Weeki Wachee State Park

Erin Heyman - 10th November 2016

The new trend in swimwear right now is neoprene, but there are more reasons to invest in a GlideSoul bikini, then just fashion. Last week, I took mine for the ultimate test; a 10-hour long adventure to Weeki Wachee Springs. For those of you who don’t know, Central Florida in mid October is a bit bipolar, and the springs stay at a constant 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I wore the GS Bikini bottoms 0.5 mm with “Silky touch ultra-thin S-foam neoprene” and the One-clasp bikini top 0.5 mm as an mix-and-match bikini. For me, the biggest must-have in a swimsuit is comfort. And thankfully GlideSoul’s superior stitching and design makes the suit comfortable enough to put on before I left for my 2-hour drive. However, upon reaching Weeki Wachee the suit was put to the real test.             

The Spot: Weeki Wachee State Park. Weeki Wachee is a system of springs on the western side of Florida about an hour north of Tampa. The rivers wind down from inland, and eventually into the bay. As any for any state park, the river is protected, making it a pristine nature adventure. Weeki Wachee is known for it’s crystal clear waters, sandy bottoms, and even manatees! There are also rumors of mermaids in the summer, but shhh I didn’t tell you that. To see as much of the river as possible, I suggest kayaking which can been set up through the “The Kayak Shack”. They will transport you upstream, and then you paddle or float right back to the storefront, and parking lot. Along the way, are sandy resting points, beautiful vegetation, wild animals, and of course rope swings! This is also the best way, to get a chance, to see as many manatees as possible. Just don’t forgot manatees are endangered, and come up the river to rest, so no touching please. 

On this particular day, it was hot upon arrival, in the blazing Florida sun. Although, in my bikini I could bask in the sunshine and stay cool, and dry, while kayaking down the river. As I mentioned, the Florida springs stay a cool 70 degrees, a bit chilly, for this adopted Floridian. This is were the neoprene comes into play, the suits are made of the same warm material as your favorite wetsuit, so it provides that extra bit of warmth in just the right places! You may wonder, would neoprene in as little fabric as a bikini really keep you warm, or make a difference? Well, I found out, and yes it does. When entering the water, the suit fills with a tiny layer of water, and warms to your body temperature, the same way your wetsuit does. Trust me that little bit of warmth against your chest makes a big difference!

The best part of this bikini, as for any GlideSoul product is the quality. Meaning the stay-put silicone lining stays in place in every water activity, in this case, kayaking, swimming, jumping from rope swings 25 feet up, and encountering wild animals (don’t worry no animals where harmed in the making!). No digging, pinching, or riding up, even after hitting the water from 20 plus feet up. Plus, the neoprene material dries super fast, so no need to change before hitting the road home!


For more GlideSoul Girl's water adventures, and plenty of wakeboarding, check out my Instagram @erinheymann, or subscribe on YouTube to Erin Heyman! Thank you GlideSoul for keeping me cool, and warm, all at the same time, and always inspiring the next adventure! 


Text and photos by: Erin Heyman

Instagram @erinheymann

YouTube: Erin Heyman

Underwater at Weeki Wachee Springs the springs at Weeki Wachee State Park
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