Sup Yoga, Longboarding and Wakesurfing at the GlideSoul Day in London

GlideSoul Girls on Super Air Nautique G23 Boat

India Pearson – Saturday 17th September

On a blustery September morning 30 bright and beautiful fitness loving girls descended on a leopard print tent in the middle of JBSki Wake Park in Chertsey to LDB  wakeschool. The girls had been invited to participate in a day of Yoga, SUP, Skate, and WakeSurfing  organized by GlideSoul, manufacturer of waterwear and swimwear for girls.

I had the pleasure of teaching Yoga and SUP Yoga to these buzzing beauties so began the day by helping to kit everyone out in the GildeSoul outfits provided.

From orange and leopard print wetsuits to sleek silver neoprene leggings, there was something for everyone to wear and feel great in. I took the group over the hill to enjoy a yoga class on the grass looking onto the water. We began the class focusing on breathing and releasing tension from everyone’s start/stop journey the tortious M25 that morning! We soon moved onto sun salutations to warm us up and encourage good vibes to the great British weather!  Some girls were yoga pros, whilst for others it was their first time in Downward Facing Dog, so I gave level options on most poses so everyone could work at their own pace. After an hours class the group went back over the hill to try their skills at skating and long boarding whilst I took the next group on to salute the sun once again.  All long boards were kindly provided by UltraSport Europe, one of the largest specialist action sports equipment distributors in the UK.

After a quick snack break it was time to get back to the fun and get everyone out on the water! It was time for wakesurfing! Wakesurf Pro Rider Alena  Pishchulina gave a wakesurfing class on land to go through the basics whilst I grabbed the world's most popular inflatable paddle boards kindly provided by Red Paddle Co for the first group to try SUP Yoga!

I have loved teaching SUP Yoga all summer and can’t recommend the GlideSoul neoprene leggings enough for when I teach. They offer all the flexibility and comfort of a normal yoga legging but being made of neoprene makes them water friendly, quick to dry and adds extra warmth in colder water.

It was an absolute pleasure teaching SUP Yoga to all the GlideSoul Girls. Both groups were full of enthusiasm and charm as then embraced new challenges with a few attempting headstands on the boards! SUP Yoga is great for working the core and improving balance so the girls felt like they got a great workout and enjoyed a relaxing paddle round the lake after.

It was great to see the girls come off the Nautique boat after their wakesurf session beaming with smiles and laughter. Nautique manufacture world-class tow boats for all water sports needs. Many girls had never wake surfed before so a sense of accomplishment amongst the newbies was infectious! There really is nothing better than being active outside with a great group of GlideSoul Girls! Looking forward the next UK GlideSoul Day!

I have been participated in several events, organised by GlideSoul this summer and highly recommend all girls, who would love to spend their weekend and learn new sport to visit  and participate in the next GlideSoul Days! Lot’s of fun, energy, sport and beautiful ladies and colourful and comfort neoprene from GlideSoul. 

India Pearson is a Yoga Teacher based in Folkestone, Kent. She teachs a range of classes in Kent and London. She teachs regular classes in gyms but her passion is getting yoga in the great outdoors! In the summer she teach classes in the park and her most recent venture is brining Yoga to the water, teaching weekly SUPYoga classes in Folkestone Harbour. (Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board).


Photos Jon Shrimpton.

Stay tuned for more GlideSoul Events near you!

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