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Jennifer Edwards wearing GlideSoul leopard print wetsuit

Christie Rourke - 8th March 2017

Rarely in life have I met two souls more meant to be together than Jen and Ant Edwards. Married in Val D'isere in 2014 they have been together now for 11 and a half years, the same amount of time I have known them for. I am lucky to call them my best friends and they are like a sister and a brother to me.

These two amazing individuals, are not only awesome human beings, they are ultra talented, UK number 1 Skim Style Wakesurfers! Dubbed Team Shredwards at the 2nd London leg of the European Wakesurf Tour, these two only took up the sport seriously a couple of years ago. As occasional wakeboarders the pair were visiting a friend in Annecy who showed them wakesurfing for the first time some years ago. It wasn't until 4 years had passed that they found their local lake at Taplow (WakePlus) and they began surfing regularly. They had to figure out the boat set up to create a wave themselves.

Anthony along with his business partner, opened up Addicted Wake (an all encompassing wake sports shop) at the lake in 2013 and they were now surfing most weekends. In the past year however, after competing in the amature division of the first UK wakesurf competion at LDBWake school at Thorpe last summer, they stepped up their training. Pro wakesurfer and GlideSoul Owner Alena Pishchulina recognised their raw talent as riders when she saw them compete here and asked them to judge and come to France the next month to compete in another leg of the European Wakesurf Tour. Jen was still in amature division at this stage and came 4th. Ant's acheivements in the sports are also remarkable, but in true GlideSoul fashion we are here celebrate this awesome female rider – Jen!

After a long, cold winter of surfing just a 15 minute set per week, the summer couldn't come quick enough to enable to them to step up training in Spring 2016 to around 1-2hours a week. Jen was not one to waste even a second of her tow time. She was learning and perfecting new tricks regularly. This year every competition entered was in the Outlaw Division for Jen. She placed as follows in her comps...

Montpellier – 1st which secured her a place as a teamrider for Black Revolt and Agenda Traction traction pads

Moscow Europeans - 3rd

Konakovo Russian Championships - 1st

UK London - 1st

Geneva – 2nd – Here she also performed a Shuv It to win the Best Trick competition

Annecy European Championships - 1st

FISE wakesurf podium

European Wakesurf Tour Podium


Jen is a GlideSoul team rider/Ambassador. She loves her GlideSoul wetsuits and wears her range with pride. She especially loves the leopard print spring suits and full length vivid bright blues and lemons on her 3mm/4mm wetsuit. I have often heard her comment on the amazing quality of the neoprene and the stretchy ease with which she can put them on. They are comfortable, flexible and feel nice to ride in which is important given the amount of time Jen spends crouched/squatting on her Black Revolt dagger skim board. Her favourite outfit is her short leg, long arm shorty wetsuit because the leopard print arms look so cool and it fits her so well. As a tall girl Jen has sometimes found bodies of wetsuits come up short, but not with the GlideSoul range. She also found the shorts don't ride up which is great. She loves the cool colours of all her outfits, and from the swimwear range she has a leopard print and lemon mesh back 0.5mm neoprene oncepiece swimsuit. It has served her well on warm days riding this summer and she has even worn it under a winterwetsuit for added warmth and layers. Jen has also been very impressed with her impact vest which she says still looks new after being used all season.

Jennifer Edwards suping in her GlideSoul leopard print neoprene swimsuit

Jen what is your best trick?

My best trick now is a big spin.

Which trick did you find the hardest to learn/master?

Probably a shuv it.

How have you found judging in the competitions alongside riding?

It has been great being a part of the wakesurfing world and Alena has really got us (Jen and husband Ant) involved and helped so much. She included us in a judging semina in Russia with some head judges and this helped massively and gave us a qualification to judge the events. We have been a part of the judging in every event we have been to apart from Geneva, and this has been such a great way to get to know all the amazing riders. It is such a friendly and fun community and I love the way of life it brings me.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to start wakesurfing?

Ha ha, get a cool wetsuit! ;)

Get involved at the amature level, it is all about taking part please don't think “oh i'm not good enough”. Alena has been a massive part of growing the sport and GlideSoul are such a great brand. I love what they stand for and they are always encouraging participation and getting women active and involved. I love what they represent and therefore love being a part of the brand. There isn't a better brand out there! The wetsuits/products are great quality and flexible and they are great value too. I get approached wherever I go being recognised as part of a very cool, close nit comminuty that GlideSoul has been so integral to. Some of this season's (2016/2017 collection) up coming stock looks amazing you should all check it out! Find this online at GlideSoul.com

What is your proudest wakesurf moment to date?

In the world ranking system this year, both myself and my husband Ant were came 7th in the Skim Style Outlaw Division. And I won Best Up and Coming Rider of the year 2016 at the worlds.


Sadly Jen couldn't attend to compete at worlds this year due to a prior commitment. But 2017, you better watch out for this girl, she's coming for you!


Text by Christie Rourke

Christie is a Sports Therapist and Water lover who lives to wakeboard, wakesurf and SUP when she can! She runs a Sports Injury Clinic in Worthing, right by the sea but often visits Buckinghamshire to ride at the lake with her besties. www.bodywaves.co.uk

Jennifer wakesurfs in her GlideSoul tie-dye print waterwear
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