Martina Lukscheider, jetsurfer, mom and business woman

jetsurfer Martina Lukscheider

Martina Lukscheider - 14 June 2017

Hi! I’m Martina and I’m not young beautiful girl living in Caribic - unfortunately :-D – but a 40 years old absolutely happy Mummy of two kids riding on JETSURF! 

When I was called to become a GlideSoul Ambassador for jetsurf in the Czech Republic, I thought my friends are just making fun on me!

"Sorry??? Me?? Are you joking? Do you know my age? You don’t know my kids? Are you sure?“ They were sure. And now I’m too! Because GlideSoul is not  waterwear only for young top models, it’s a LIFE STYLE! You can do what you love in every age and you can feel like a woman … especially when you spend most of the time on the water with men around! 

I was working my whole life as a Marketing Manager of shopping centres and I really liked it – an exciting job with good salary, meeting celebrities and promotion opportunities. But then I tried JETSURF … the feeling of freedom, wind in your hair, power of the engine, stroke of the water surface … and totally fell in love!!! Motorized surf, a new sport which combines surfing, motor sports and recreational fun, absolutely changed my life!

Now I’m racing all around the world in MotoSurf WorldCup (5th place in 2016), and me and my friends run Jetsurf Academy in the Czech Republic. Instead of celebrities I meet people who loves summer, water, sun and my new challange is to teach them how to surf and make them happy … And you know what? My kids love to be there with me, help me with boards, helmets, life jackets and they just started to ride jetsurf too! My dream came true!

Now every little thing in my life gets into the right connection and good vibration – running Jetsurf Academy, spending time with my kids by the water, travelling & racing all aroung the world and wear the most colourful, beautiful and functional waterwear that I know!!!

Sometimes you don’t need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens!

So do what you love!


Cause it’s only your life!

With <3 to all GlideSoul girls,



See you on the next wave … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08mXrH6oDS8


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Insta @martina.lukscheider


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jetsurfer Martina Lukscheider jetsurfer Martina Lukscheider
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