Meet GlideSoul Girl Natascha Rottcher

Natascha Rottcher

22nd December 2016

My name is Natascha Rottcher, I was born in Namibia, which is located just above South Africa. I grew up in Namibia and moved to Florida in 2014 to study Business Administration. The reason for me choosing Florida was because of my sport waterskiing and the passion and love I have for it. Just like Hawaii is the perfect spot to surf, Florida is the perfect spot to water-ski and receive all the professional coaching that I need.

I am a professional water-skier and am very proud to be able to say that I am the Under 14, Under 18, and Under 21 Slalom Record holder of my country, Namibia. Another big achievement in my life was when I was selected as the Junior Sports Women of the year 2012 of Namibia. I still visit my beautiful country every year and can only say; it is breathtaking.

Natascha Rottcher skiing

As a waterskier, I basically live at the lake, which means I live in swimwear. And that is how I found out about womens waterwear brand GlideSoul. I saw some of my friends wearing it and loved these product ever since. I purchased my first item (shorts) at the Collegiate Nationals at the GlideSoul booth. What can I say? It was love at first sight. As a waterskier, I am always looking for products that sit very tight and snug, but at the same time comfortable. That is what I love about GlideSoul, I do not have to worry about loosing my bottoms or top, as these items sit so tight and comfortable. Moreover, I love the colors of all the products and love how it is different from all the other brands.

I was more than excited to become a part of this company and become an ambassador. After receiving my items from Glidesoul, Tiare Miranda, a very talented young lady, took some time to take some awesome and fun pictures of me in my new gear. We had so much fun photo shooting and seeing how well the items fitted and how great they look.  It was not hard to make the shots look great, as everything worked out perfectly that day. The weather was great; Florida sunshine was out, the location of the photo shoot, Swiss Waterski Resort, is breathtaking. The Swiss Waterski Resort is located in Clermont Florida. That is where I train and spend most of my time waterskiing, whenever I am not at college.

I cannot wait for the new 2017 Glidesoul collection to be released and for me to own some of those beautiful new items. GlideSoul is a rising company and I love to be part of and seeing how GlideSoul is growing.  I cannot thank GlideSoul enough for bringing out such amazing and unique products and making life on the water so much easier and better looking of course.

Photos Tiare Miranda

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Natascha Rottcher and her Nautique Boat Skating in her GlideSoul neoprene set Best friend
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