My top 3 favourite Glidesoul pieces

kiteboarder pippa grundy

Pippa Grundy - 29th November 2016

My name’s Pippa and I’m a kiteboarder, wakeboarder and surfer from the UK. I’ve been living in Sydney, Australia for just over one year. Since I’m 6ft tall, I’ve always found it difficult to find suits that a) fit my long torso, b) are suitable for every discipline I do.

I came across GlideSoul in 2015 and fell in love with their vibrant, fun, retro looking suits and haven’t looked back since. Gone are the days where everyone is pulling on the same boring, black neoprene suits at the beach. Gone are the days where brands are simply throwing a bit of a pink colour scheme on a very normal looking suit and calling it the ‘womens collection’ . GlideSoul is one of the only womens only water-wear brands out there and for the price, they’re a solid investment for any water loving lady.

Here are my 3 favourite GlideSoul pieces, and where I wear them best!

1. V-neck One-piece swimsuit 0.5mm - Hot Pink

This is the sassiest one-piece I’ve ever owned! However, I’d be seriously lucky in the UK if I had the chance to wear this in the ocean. Definitely one for the tropics only! What I like about this suit is the V cut at the front, which is both flattering and functional for kite-boarders! We all know that feeling being dragged along face first and your wetsuit completely fills with water through the neck seal. Say goodbye to flushes with this piece! I love to wear this one for kiteboarding and surfing as it’s so vibrant and keeps everything together when I wipe out.

The stretchy material ensures this suit is a comfortable fit and is also very breathable when it’s a scorcher of a day. You won’t miss me in the water in this one!

2. Spring suit 1mm front-zipper - Peach & leopard print

This one I mainly use for kiteboarding and wake boarding, as the front zipper can be quite painful when laid down on your chest paddling for hours on end. The bonus of this suit is it is (slightly) thicker, good for when there’s a slight wind chill out there and it also provides the extra UV protection with the long sleeves. The large zip at the front also enables you to zip up or down as much as you please.. depending on the temperature! Now it is spring time in Australia, this one is certainly getting a lot of wear.

For kiting, I always prefer to wear a one piece. They’re comfortable, supportive and no one wants the dreaded harness tan around the belly!

3. Full suit 3/2 mm - Peach & leopard print

Winters are never too cold here in Sydney, Australia (thank you mother nature!!) so my 3:2 gives me all the warmth I need. You may stumble at the limited sizing (S/M/L) if you have a unique frame but I was pleasantly surprised by the stretchiness of the material to fit my tall frame. For surfing, some wetsuits fail with the flexibility you need around the shoulder to make paddling as easy as possible. No achey arms for me in this thing! I wear a size M. I chose the peach/leopard print as apparently our shark friends are put off by colourful neoprene as we don’t look so much like a seal .. well, that one isn’t proven but it certainly makes me feel better out there in the water !! :)

I’ve been wearing my GlideSoul gear for over a year in the sunshine and there is no sign of sun damage/ colour fade to the material. Taking care of these pieces, they will last you a life time! Thanks GlideSoul for creating the most vibrant, fun suits out there!

Follow Pippa's travels / progression here: www.facebook.com/pippagrundykite www.instagram.com/pipgrundy www.pippagrundy.com

pippa in her glidesoul peach leopard print full wetsuit pippa in her glidesoul spring suit
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