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Living life, one buoy at a time

2017 Goals, Plans, and Achievements

Natascha Rottcher

Natascha Rottcher - 16 March 2017

I am more than excited to start off my 2017 season with GlideSoul by my side and further representing this growing brand of wetsuits and neoprene swimwear as an ambassador.

This year is a very exciting year, as I will be taking part in the Waterski World Championships, taking place in France (Paris), and I will also be skiing and representing my beautiful country, Namibia, at the European and African Championships, taking place in Austria.

Besides those big tournaments, I will compete at tournaments here in Florida and am hoping to break the Open Namibian slalom Record. In order to reach my goals, I am happy and motivated to get back to my routine of skiing, working out, and taking good care of my body.

I believe that skiing alone does not get the job done. Gaining strength off the water, feeding my body the nutrition it needs, and giving my body rest when it needs, is all connected and such an important outlook. But the best part of this is that this way of living became my lifestyle and I can look back and see how positively this lifestyle has changed me and motivates me every day.


My season has been going great so far. Being back on the water feels awesome and most importantly makes me happy and realize every day why I love this sport so much. Having the advantage to take a break from studying and jumping in the boat to swerve around in my super comfortable GlideSoul waterwear is simply amazing. I love how this sport always challenges me and motivates me to be better each and every day. Combining skiing with working out in the gym/at home, or doing yoga, became my favorite lifestyle. I truly missed being back at my routine and doing what I love.  However, taking a break is also very necessary and important.


If I had to describe my day/week in a couple sentences, it would be something like this;

I am not the most cheerful morning person, which is why I love waking up with a cup of coffee. After lying in bed for a couple of minutes, slowly waking up, I put on some workout clothes (85% of the time) and have some breakfast. Yes, I am a breakfast person and cannot start my day without it.

During the week, I go to college and ski in between my classes, which for me was like a dream come true when I got accepted to a college (Florida Southern College) with a ski lake right in front of my class. And yes, I am guilty of staring at the lake sometimes instead of the PowerPoint projected in class. Cannot really blame me for that, can you? :/

My life as a student has been great these last few years and I can only thank my parents every day for giving me the opportunity of studying in the Sunshine state and supporting me with my skiing as well as studies of course. However, I am excited (but also a little anxious) to start a new chapter of my life soon and graduate this upcoming May.


Getting back to my daily routine, I spend my weekends at the Swiss Waterski Resort, located in Clermont, Florida. If I had to define this place in one word, I would not have any problems with that, as I call it PARADISE.

swiss waterski resort

I spend most of the time at the lake, skiing (in my GlideSoul waterwear of course), stretching, taking in the sun, socializing, and meeting new people that share the same passion. And if you don’t find me at the lake, I most probably jumped into my mini and drove off to the mall, getting some “necessities” and enjoying some me time. I guess ‘shopaholic’ is one of my top characteristics whenever I need to describe myself.

One thing is for sure, I would not replace my current lifestyle with anything else and feel so blessed to be part of the waterskiing world AND not having to worry about any bikinis loosening while I ski or shorts blowing up like an airbag while I ski, or my life jackets sitting above my ears. I must say, I do not miss these problems since I became a GlideSoul ambassador and feel so much more comfortable and snug skiing in my GlideSoul gear.

That’s enough about me for now. I’m going to head off, jump in the boat, and do some ‘work’, if I can even call it that.


Natascha is wearing:

GlideSoul 0.5 mm neoprene Crop Top.

GlideSoul Blue tie-dye 0.5 mm neoprene Shorts

GlideSoul 0.5 mm Neoprene Spring Suit with stripes print

GlideSoul Spring suit with leopard print.


Photos Tiare Miranda

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