Is the One Piece the New Bikini and Why You Should Own One

Andrea in Zanzibar kiteboarding

Sista.Zone - 12th April 2017

You may have noticed a bit of a revival revolution happening in the world of swimwear… as we digest rider media and our social feeds we can’t help but notice just how many female riders now choose to get down to action in either a shorty, surf suit, spring suit and now the one piece?

The one piece has also become ever increasingly popular in the mainstream fashion market due to its flattering abilities and sun protection but specifically amongst the kiteboarding and wakeboarding ladies as it holds everything in place whilst looking very stylish.

Not all one pieces are created for sports however so you have to choose wisely if you want to keep everything in place, but one of the best brands we know who are dedicated to girls in action sports is GlideSoul who this year have invested a huge amount of resources into making not one but a complete range of one-pieces which are available online at great value for money.

Comfort, quality and vivid colourful designs, it won’t be easy to choose the one you want as they have such a huge range of beautiful waterwear. We really love the new material they use, the Mesh which is made from Nylon 81% and Spandex 19% and which will give you a very sexy look and fit especially with the full Mesh Back swimsuit.

What we would advise from our own experience is to find a one piece in which you feel comfortable and which highlights your silhouette.

You need first to check if the cut of the model suits you and you need to decide if you are going to opt for a cheeky bottom or if you are looking for more coverage. Be aware that depending of which model you choose you different types of front cut at the bikini line, so choose one you are comfortable with.

You can find as well different style of cut and coverage… of course we would advice you to choose a long sleeve one piece to be protected from the UV rays and for those who want to get the sun passing though and definitely want to work on their tan we advice you to try the Mesh material.

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