GlideSoul SUP Adventure day in London

GlideSoul SUP Adventure day in London

Christie Rourke - October 4th 2016

23 girls set off from Wakeplus (At Taplow Lake) in London, UK on Saturday morning on 27th August to paddleboard down the Jubilee River.

For some, this was their first time on paddleboards, more commonly known as SUPs. After a brief warm up from pilates instructor and Sports Therapist Christie Rourke, they entered the river with the help of Jennifer Edwards (Sports Therapist and European Champion Wakesurfer). Quick lessons on how to paddle and turn and avoid each other were given on the water and off we went.

GlideSoul Day paddleboarding down the Jubilee River

Alena Pishchulina (owner of the ladies only, colourful wetsuit brand GlideSoul) was there to join the girls and get a taste for something a little relaxing.  Her usual busy lifestyle of travelling and competing in wakesurfing, worldwide, can take it's toll.  She commented that she was so pleased to be joining in a paddle up the river and how she was immediately struck by the glorious vision of 23 ladies dressed in bright neoprene GlideSoul waterwear, SUPing down the Jubilee! Alena exclaimed it was exactly as she had been imagining it and what a way to celebrate the end of her surf season.

A lunch stop at the Pineapple Pub in Dorney gave a welcome break for our arms. And then back along the river with a river bank Pilates/Stretching break halfway helped us regain some flexibility. The sun even broke through the clouds and joined us on this hot August day.

River Bank Pilates at the GlideSoul Sup Adventure

On completion of our SUP Advenutre we were welcomed back at Taplow Lake by the Lakehouse Cafe who were preparing us a feat of wonderous salad spread to refuel and recharge. For some slack lining was attempted and a little go at the indo board and some poi also kept the girls entertained whilst the food was layed out. Some girls showed their skills on wakeboarding and gave few tips how to start to wakeboard.

Wakebording at the GlideSoul Sup Adventure wearing tiedye waterwear   GlideSoul sup adventure

Jobe had kindly provided the Addicted Wake shop with the paddle boards for the day and the girls also took advantage of the shops stock of GlideSoul gear with some purchases being made. Anthony Edwards and Callum Lindsay from Addictes Wake worked so hard pumping up 23 inflatable paddle boards the day before and transported them back from the river after the paddle had finished, being the gentlemen they are.

This day was a testament to the local businesses, alongside two global watersports brands, pulled together to make a fantastic day out for 23 lucky ladies. They got to try a new sport in their local area and see what was round the corner for some of them.  What an amazing day out, we highly recommend a paddle up the river and the amazing women's GlideSoul wetsuits of course to keep you looking fresh and funky! 


Christie is a Sports Therapist who runs her own sports injury clinic - Bodywaves Sports Injury Clinic in Worthing, West Sussex. Along with treating, she teaches classes in the leisure centre where her clinic is based. These classes include Pilates and also injury prevention with Diaphragm Breathing and Muscle Activation.



Jobe, Water sports brand from Netherlands, manufacturing products used for Stand Up Paddling and other water sports, had kindly provided the Addicted Wake shop with the inflatable paddle boards.



Photo by Eva Grundon https://evagrundon.myportfolio.com/

Ready to set off at GlideSoul SUP Adventure day in London GlideSoul Wetsuits Jennifer Edwards Sup boarding down the Jubilee River Sup boarding down the Jubilee River Girls wearing bright and colorful GlideSoul Waterwear
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