GlideSoul Days at Plastic Playground in UK with Parks Bonifay

2 mm GlideSoul ladies wetsuit and waterwear

July 16th and 17th became a truly outstanding weekend at Liquid Leisure Aqua Park in UK as it hosted the biggest wakeboard competition in Europe - Plastic Playground. GlideSoul Team was excited to be a part of this epic event and had a lot of fun. There was a variety of activities on the beach and on the water: SUP yoga, SUP surfing, wakesurfing, indo (balance) boarding, photo shooting with photo printing and competition on site and online. During the wakesurf session the girls had a special guest - Parks Bonifay, the legend of the wakeboard world, and practiced wakesurfing under his guidance.

The girls were welcome to try different outfits for different activities, mix and match, and test great qualities of GlideSoul neoprene waterwear. Don't miss the next event near you!

GlideSoul Days:
August 12 - Poland 
August 13-14 - Moscow, Russia
August 20-21 - St. Petersburg, Russia
September 17 - LDB Wake school in UK.
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