Pro Rider Victoria's Waterwear Choise




It’s one of my favorite pieces. It completely covers the upper part of the body which usually gets burned during kiting. It’s made of a very thin 0,5 mm neoprene which allows you to move freely like if you are in the lycra. But neoprene protects you from the wind and keeps your body warm, even though it’s very thin and super stretchy. Not to mention its amazing design. I really like the waist line that is created by those colorful parts. 



Usually the upper part of the body is getting cold easily because of the wind. So sometimes it’s enough to wear a jacket to feel warm. Zipper on the jacket works well, make it easier to put it on. And I like that small collar, looks very elegant. 



Basically I think that one-piece is the best option for kiteboarding. Anyway you have to wear harness over your waist. And we all hate that tan line between harness and bottom. One piece just stays in place during even hard crashes especially this one which is made of neoprene. I really like this V-neck and rounded cut on the back. I was a bit skeptical how it would look on my wide shoulders, but I really like it. 



I like to use leggings if I’m hitting the obstacles in the kitepark or wakepark. It saves my legs from bruises and cuts from obstacles and hard crashes from kickers. Also it protects legs from the sun and help to avoid the shorts and boots tan lines. They might be a bit long, so I cut them and they just go a little bit under boots. 


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