Shooting the cover of Unleashed wake magazine

Unleashed Magazine with Anna Zhakova

Anna Zhakova - 19th December 2016

Several previous years I spent winter months in Thailand wakeboarding, where it is always warm and sunny. In Thailand there are excellent cable parks and huge number of riders come from all over the world. I prefer to ride and practice at Thai Wake Park (TWP http://www.thaiwakepark.com/). And previous winter was not an exception. Riders are allowed to ride in the evenings with light, but I do not really like to ride in the dark as I think it is not very safe. But really cool pictures can be done exactly in the evening with flashlight.

All obstacles are equipped with watering because during the day obstacles get dry quickly and even in the evening watering still works. I decided to organize night photo shoot with these mini fountains on the obstacles. Thai Wake Park is one big international family, who loves wakeboarding, that is why my friends were happy to help me with photo shoot.

I have lots of photos made by photographer Wojtek Kalka and this time we decided to create something more interesting and attractive. Another photographer Ed Sadovnikov helped us with photo shoot. Complexity of shooting was in the fact that the focus and flash should be pointed on me at the same time. It was not easy for the guys and for all the people, who assisted us, but we made it!

Thanks to the neon pink vest by GlideSoul I wore during riding at photo shoot, photos came bright and very highlighted. I was seriously focus on the photo shoot, prepared GlideSoul wetsuits to ride and even did make-up.

An hour later after the shoot was done the guys came to me and told me not to upload photos to my social networks, as photos would appear on the cover of an international magazine Unleashed. I couldn’t believe and was extremely happy and surprised. Some time later we had a chat with the magazine editors and photographer and approved photo for the magazine cover. Few months ago in the end of October I went to the World Championships in Philippines entered to the World Wakeboard Association (WWA), where I met Philippe Good, owner of the Unleashed wakeboard magazine. He showed me the cover of the edition, which has been released few days ago on 16th December.

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Anna Zhakova wearing GlideSoul blue tie-dye vest Anna Zhakova wearing GlideSoul pink tie-dye spring suit
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