Surfing destinations around the world. Central America.

Costa Rica Nosara

Laura Ramage - 23 May 2017

Central America is an awesome surfing destination. With endless miles of beaches and two coastlines, the opportunities are limitless. Out of the water you can enjoy some of the worlds most beautiful rainforests, tropical beaches, and volcanoes.

Where To Go

Costa Rica, Nosara – Costa Rica is a surfers paradise and you will see why if you ever visit. Despite the crowded surf, the beaches are quite big and there are plenty of waves for everyone. Nosara is a great little town spread across a few easy beach breaks. The paddle out takes no time at all and it’s really easy to catch perfect little waves. By the end of a surf my legs and arms would be shaking because I’ve never had so many waves in one session.

Costa Rica, Nosara

Nicaragua, Panga Drops- Nicaragua also attracts good quality waves. For a really fun wave head to Panga Drops which is located at the North end of Playa Colarado. This wave produces a left and right and in smaller swells it’s really nice and mellow. After your surf you can head to Playa Colorado resort for cocktails and the most spectacular sunsets.

How to get there

Traveling around Central America can be a little trickier. You can get buses to most major towns, however they are often crowded and slow. Personally I would save the extra money and hire a car. It is the more expensive option but it saves you time and will give you more freedom.

Time of year to visit

For the West coast it’s best to visit from November to March. The Caribbean side attracts swells during the hurricane season. 

What to wear

Again you will be packing light for Central America, just make sure you have plenty of bikinis. You may also want waterwear that will protect you from the sun, such as a GlideSoul springsuit or neoprene top.

I hope this list of surf destinations has inspired you for the next surf trip.


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