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Newquay, Cornwall

Laura Ramage - 2 May 2017

Going away on a surf trip has to be one of the most exciting and liberating experiences. Dedicating your trip to surfing every day and exploring somewhere completely new is beyond a dream.

There are an abundance of surfing locations around the world, so choosing one can be overwhelming. For simplicity and a large choice of surf breaks you may want to consider Europe or Australia. If you are you craving a real adventure off the beaten track, then Asia or Central America are great places to research. It’s also good idea to find spots that will suit your ability. You may have heard of famous surf breaks such as Pipeline or J Bay, however there is no way you will want to go and surf them if you’re not a really experienced surfer.

I have been on a few surf trips now. Some have been a complete success where I have surfed all day and returned home totally stoked. There have been others were I haven’t surfed at all due to flat spells or solid waves beyond my ability. However that’s the nature of sport, so it’s good to accept that there is the possibility that you won’t surf as much as you may have planned to. For this reason I like to go to places where you can still explore and enjoy the culture out of the water. I have put together a list of my favorite surf destinations around the world.



For the perfect mix of culture and consistent surf breaks, head to Europe for your next surf trip. If you stick to the west coast, there are endless suitable surfing beaches from the UK and Ireland all the way through France, Spain and down into Portugal.


Where To Go

Cornwall, UK - It would be a crime if I didn’t include Newquay in this list, since this is where I surf the most. It’s a great place to visit for all ability surfers and it isn’t short of a surf school or two. The swell isn’t guaranteed like other places in the world. However there are so many beautiful beaches and surf spots to explore.

Newquay, Cornwall



France - If you fancy more of a mix of California culture and French lifestyle, then I highly recommend Biarritz. Chambre D’ Amour is sheltered from Southerly winds and there are mellow waves, just avoid the rocks at high tide. After your sunset surf you can sip away at some world-class wine, enjoy fine food and the buzzing nightlife.

Bidart, France



Portugal - If you fancy soaking up some history during your trip, head to Lisbon in Portugal before jumping into some of Europe’s best surf spots. North of Lisbon towns like Ericeria or Peniche have a variety of surf spots, and the beaches are stunning. If you’re a fan of fish and seafood then you will be most pleased by the Portuguese cuisine.

Praia d'el Rey, Portugal




How to get there

It’s very easy to get around in Europe.  My recommendation would be to hire a car or van and make it into a road trip of a lifetime.

Time of year to visit

 April to November

What to wear

You will need at least a 3mm wetsuit. During hot spells you may get to dust off your shorty or wear a bikini. See GlideSoul’s Wesuits here:

5 mm Full Suit with Chest Zip

3 mm Full Suit with Chest Zip

2 mm Shorty Spring Suit


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