How GlideSoul Waterwear inspires to be more active, overcome your fears and achieve goals

Rykiel from Malaysia wakesurfs in GlideSoul Waterwear

Rykiel Cherie - 19th October 2016

If you ask me what I love the most, I would say wakesurfing. Yes, I love wakesurfing so much. At first, I hate it. I still remember the first day I tried, first time I approached the surf board, the balancing and the movement was really killing me! But after I tried to overcome it day by day and also push myself a little further each day. I'm happy I can surf right now! 

I still remember those days when I first started to do wakesurfing, those days when I don't have a proper surf suit/ water wear for women. Those days when I was unsure about whether it is necessary to wear a surf suit/waterwear. How many types of surf suit, vest are there, the supports, the materials etc. There is so much to know about it! After I really committed to, it is a never ending hunt for good quality reasonably priced yet attractive surf suit/waterwear. Because I want more and looking for something better for myself. It's so much motivational to achieve your tricks/goals when you dress up nicely. 

Active wear is becoming the center of attention in the fashion world. I'm glad to be supported by GlideSoul! Loving these colorful, fashionable and well- designed waterwear. The neoprene has a luxurious feel, it shapes my body, had feminine cut, it's soft and comfortable. It's super stretchy, it won't slip off, it's supportive and the styles are so unique! GlideSoul surf suit is great for my wakesurfing, kite- and wind surfing and other water sports as well. 

GlideSoul Girl Rykiel in her pink tie-dye wetsuit

Overall, the fabric on all of the clothing felt comfortable and good quality. The best part - they come in many colors and designs! 

Text and photos by Rykiel Cherie 


About Rykiel:

Rykiel Cherie is a full time fitness competitor and performer from Malaysia. She is a fitness addict, who likes to share her passion and fitness tips on her social media and motivate her followers to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. 


Rykiel skateboarding in her blue tie-dye swimsuit
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