Diana Rosa Cordova. What is skimboarding for me? An introduction to my life

Diana Rosa Cordova

Diana Rosa Cordova - 2nd March 2017

What is skimboarding for me? An introduction to my life.


I grew up in Acapulco, Mexico, a popular tourist destination and bay side city that is surrounded by mountains full of nature, great weather and beautiful scenery. When I was 13, I first saw my brother “skim” on a beach that we used to go every Sunday with the whole family, and I just wanted to try it out. So my brother gave me a lesson and I immediately fell in love and I started skimming every chance I could. Often times I would go to school during the day and once I got home, I would eat a quick bite and then leave for the beach, there were times I even went to skim before school started. At that point I began to love skimming for more than just sliding across the sand at the beach, it became a love that allowed me to dedicate personal time for me to do something active and learn about myself while doing so. My favorite time of year was summer time because there were more hours of sunlight and I was able to skim till almost 8:30 p.m.

I started to meet new people that also skim in Acapulco, and shortly after I began to enter in skim competitions throughout the Mexico Coastline including Acapulco, Guerrero, Melaque, Jalisco, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, and Cabo San Lucas, Baja California. As a female competitor, there weren’t really any girls or women’s divisions in the local contests so I had to compete with boys pretty much, and I was pushed to love the vibe of the people on the beach and in the sport. In the Melaque, Diego Barba and Victoria Skimboards organize a skim contest every March, where I began to meet people from all over the world who also skim. A particular group of skimboarders from Laguna Beach visited the Melaque contest, and introduced me to the idea of traveling to California, where the sport is most active. From that day forward, visiting Laguna Beach, California was an opportunity I dreamed about, every day. As you may already know, dreams do come true, and after 8 years of skimming in Mexico, I dedicated my time and effort to adventure to California and skim with the best women in the world. I bought my first plane ticket and I arrived in Laguna Beach, California, where I was welcomed by Matthieu Thibaud, a professional skimboarder for Victoria Skimboards that I met at a contest in Melaque, whom offered me a place to stay and extended his hospitality to me for my first visit.

I traveled to Laguna Beach for my first time in August of 2015, to compete in the 39th Annual Victoria Skimboards contest, aka “The Vic”, that took place August 29th and 30th, 2015at Aliso Creek Beach, California. This is the most prestigious contest in the sport and it was also my first time competing in the USA. I originally planned to enter as an Amateur in the women’s division, until local professionals convinced me that my skills were above that, so I entered as a professional in the women’s pro division. Although I didn’t have any sponsors and I didn’t think my skills were as finely tuned as the other professional women, my close friend and professional skimboarder, Juan Carlos Nazario a.k.a “Bullo” encouraged me to step up to the plate and compete with the pros.  So I took their advice and I entered the professional Women’s Division at the 2015 39th Annual Victoria Skimboards World Championships of Skimboarding.

Saturday morning rolled around and contest day was upon me, and I was placed to compete against 15 other professional women who also traveled to Aliso to compete in this event. After a series of battling through tough heats, I found myself in the quarterfinals against the current Women’s world champion and Runner Up. I lost the quarterfinal heat, but overall placed 8th in the event and was rewarded with the sponsorship by Lynn Haines, Tex Haines’s wife, owners of Victoria Skimboards, to join the Victoria Skimboards Team as a sponsored professional athlete. I was so stoked to have competed against other women and have skimmed so well, that the sponsorship opportunity that was offered to me sent me over the top. Immediately, I knew what I had worked so hard for and why I was so inspired to come to California and pursue my dream. I was stoked because without any expectations, it was simply the best thing that I could have dreamed to happen.

After that first trip to California, my love, passion, and addiction for skimboarding grew and as soon as I returned to Acapulco 2 weeks later, I was immediately drawn to the next skimboarding contest in California. The 2015 Oktoberfest of Skimboarding presented by Mainstreet Surf Shop and Exile Skimboards at Balboa Pier, was scheduled to take place on October 3 and 4 of 2015. I knew how badly I wanted to return to California and excel my passion for skimboarding, so I convinced my mom to buy me a ticket back to California. I flew in on October 1, 2015, and competed that weekend in the Oktoberfest contest. I placed 11th out of 21 competitors on the United Skim Tour and I proudly represented Mexico as the First female professional skimboarder. After that event, I was scheduled to spend two more weeks in California, getting to know the slopes of Laguna Beach and the community of skimboarders that lived there. It was at that time, I was skimboarding at Aliso Creek Beach one afternoon that I met the skimboarder who would change my life forever, Robbie Morris. It was on this second trip to California, pursuing my passion in skimboarding, that I met the love of my life and since have began living in Laguna Beach, California. This is a love story that I will write about soon, so stay tuned and follow me for more about my life and journey here in the USA. But in case you’re curios I’ll leave the link of the wedding video here below.

I hope I can inspire somebody out there that wants to pursuit their dreams to just go for it, because you never know what can happen when you do!

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Diana is wearing: 

2/3 mm full wetsuit with leopard print

1 mm spring suit with blue tie-dye print.


Diana Rosa Cordova skimboarding in GlideSoul full suit with leopard print Diana Rosa Cordova skimboarding in GlideSoul tie-dye wetsuit Diana Rosa Cordova skimboarding in GlideSoul tie-dye wetsuit
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