Signature Collection 3 mm Full Wetsuit back zip

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Peach Lemon Black
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Lemon Cyan Navy Blue
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GlideSoul’s Signature Collection was inspired by the Vibrant 80s Neon Colors

Feel the freedom of your movement: High quality S-FOAM neoprene: Softer, more stretchier than L-Foam and easier to put on and take off

Glue BlindStitched. It is called “Blind” because needle never penetrates the neoprene completely. As a results there are no wholes. The ‘GBS’ seam glues two pieces of neoprene together and then stitches over the top. This technology helps to keep your body comfortable and warm in the cold water.

SUPRATEX technology: special knee reinforcement panels

Ideal full suit for any sport activity in the cold water

Melco® Tape at armpits and seams to prevent rubbing.

Zipper pocket

Care/cleaning Instruction: Wash hand only