FULL WETSUIT 3/2 mm Chest zip

Black Floral print L.Blue
currently not available for US

GlideSoul’s new BLOOM collection is a new twist on an old classic:


From couture brands to the high street shops, floral designs can be seen embedded in all major collections. Decidedly feminine, floral is a theme chosen to accentuate softness, fragility and a feminine touch


While GlideSoul’s BLOOM collection acknowledges and celebrates this timeless trend, it does so while simultaneously embracing the pace, intensity and technology of the modern world


Featuring a futuristic colour palette, state-of-the-art neoprene technology and trendy designer cuts, the BLOOM collection creates a visual effect more akin to a piece of abstract art than your Grandma’s floral watercolours or retro wallpaper, making it the leading product line in women’s fashion sport clothing


Ideal full suit for any sport activity in the COLD water

Care/cleaning Instruction: Wash hand only



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